top of page is pleased to announce the release of its DOCSIS4.0 FDX / FDD Signal Analyzer and Certification Acceptance Test System. You will find below some preliminary information. We have much more to come, so please ask for a demo or any other questions on the contact form of this Website

System presentation

Short Video on 6xOFDM &  6xOFDMA channels

Preliminary examples on youtube

Real Time live capture from the Signal Analyzer on 6xOFDM / 6xOFDMA channels generated by our D4.0 test CM/CMTS

Interfacing Signal Analyzer on either Downstream Interface-D or Interface-F

Using the equipment to generate Downstream FDX tilt and/or Noise on Downstream Interface-F

Measuring OFDMA channel Power as well as Noise / spurious emission from the CM

Several  Measurements examples and test features will be added very soon

Informations:  or  (1)-972-370-6509

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